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Product Producer

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Medium Roast Blend

We are gypsy roasters and proud of it. We bring you the best of our medium roast Our owner Carlos Platero hand roasted the coffee to make a beautiful blend of coffee you can sip on all day long. Provided by Coffeeciando in San Antonio. 

ELEVEN O TWO is the passion project of Carlos Platero Jr. who brings his love for fine food, beverages, and experiences to all aspects of the business. As an artist, interior designer, baker and expert in Southern hospitality, Platero draws upon his artistic sensibilities, his family’s deep roots as coffee plantation owners, and treasured family recipes to offer guests exceptional products in a uniquely beautiful and tranquil atmosphere. Each of Eleven O Two’s offerings are personally curated by Carlos Platero Jr., combining exclusive in-house delicacies with the very best from local bakeries, restaurants, and artisans.

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Bakery Items

Carlos Platero's creations came to life with the talented baker hands of Samantha & Jimmy of SweetCheeks Bakery. The Bakery items are as follows:

  • Princess Cake

  • Drunk Cake

  • Signature Cake

  • Dinner Cake

  • Quesadilla Bread

Spanish Tortilla
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